// Our commitment


S4A strives to be a benchmark in design engineering, consulting, quality management and commercial representation for the national aviation industry.

The basic principles of action are adapting their skills to the real needs of companies in the aviation industry, flexibility in the type of services requested, proximity and availability to its customers, rigor and independence in carrying out the work entrusted.

S4A, Solutions for Aviation, respects and offer confidentiality at all levels of cooperation with its partners and customers, being faithful to international norms and rules on intellectual property and data protection in order to preserve the highest degree of confidentiality in each project.

S4A wears to the provision of its customers non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and, if applicable, joint development agreements (JDA) in the applied field of interest, making partner from start to completion of projects.

The company develops flexible designs, innovative and competitive products for its customers, allowing it to offer many solutions that personalize and enduring client loyalty relationship in time according to the wishes of its customers.