// Aviation consultancy


S4A offers consulting services and advice to aircraft operators and aeronautics auxiliary industry, providing services of experts in the aviation sector in a wide range of fields associated with the aeronautical engineering.

  • Studies of reliability, quality and management of safety, development of productive procedures, creation and certification of organizations according to EASA regulations, reception, testing and certification of aircraft, studies for acquisition and operation of aircraft, aeronautical training programs, etc.

  • Technical studies under other regulations: FAA, CAA, military authorities…

S4A, along with the official Association of aeronautical engineers of Spain (COIAE) and the European Agency for aviation safety (EASA) has organized a course of “Modification of aircrafts in service”. The seminar -which offered the possibility to know this facet of the aviation industry, both from the perspective of the European aeronautical authority, and from the organisation of design- was attended by experts from EASA, being the first time the Agency is involved in this type of technical forums.