// Aeronautical R+D+i


S4A, since its establishment and thanks to the high training of their collaborators, participates actively in R+D+i projects. In the field of direction and management of technological projects, S4A has implemented the standards UNE 66916 (guidelines for the management of the quality of projects) and UNE 157001 (General criteria for the elaboration of projects).

S4A collaborates with the University of Cádiz and the Superior Technical School of aeronautical engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

S4A participates in aeronautical R+D+i projects based on the use of EHF (Extra high frequency) signals. Also, it has developed an AIS system in helicopters for the detection and identification of ships and it is participating in the design of a self-powered optronic pod using a wind turbine and interface with the aircraft.